To purchase a book, please mail a check made payable to Roger Pickenpaugh at the address:

501 Oaklawn Avenue
Caldwell, OH 43724

Please include your mailing address along with the check.  Here are prices of the books with shipping included:

  • Mckinley, Murder and the Pan-American Exposition: $30.00
  • Johnson’s Island: A Prison for Confederate Officers: [purchase at]
  • Captives in Gray: [purchase at]
  • Camp Chase and the Evolution of Union Prison Policy: [purchase at]
  • Carpathia – A Biography of the Titanic’s Rescue Ship: $18.00
  • Buckeye Blizzard: $14.00
  • Blizzard of the Century: $14.00
  • Buckeye 49ers: $9.00
  • My Pa Said to Tell You We Had Taters for Supper: $18.00
  • Noble County: Ohio – A History: $18.00
  • The Night of the Wicked Winds: $18.00
  • River on a Rampage: $18.00
  • Flood of Tears: $18.00

Note: Ohio residents add 7% for taxes

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10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dan Wolfe says:

    Roger, all of my siblings acquired your History of Noble Country around the time of my grandmother’s funeral – Amy Carter Johnson Jan 3, 1990. She was daughter of Hiram D. Carter and Florence Clay of Whigville where my mom was born (Emily I Johnson Wolfe). Because I am undertaking my family tree / genealogy now I finally am reading it in detail. Wow. You did a wonderful job of recreating the history rich in detail about the times, people, culture, events, business and everything. Just as I am reading chapter Mines and Machines the WSJ published the article “Shale Lifts Propects in Ohio” about shale oil development. The link is here if you haven’t see it. The WSJ article sort of opens another chapter on oil/gas in SE Ohio. Thank you so much for your book, I will highly recommend to others.

  2. Ernie Thode says:

    We are looking forward to your talk on Saturday to the Washington County OGS Chapter at 1:00 p.m. at the library, 615 Fifth St., downstairs.

  3. Tom Hyland says:


    As a repatriated Buckeye (50+ years), I recently had the opportunity to see your 1996 article in “TimeLine” of the Ohio Historical Society on the BC&Z railroad. As a former resident of Powhatan Point, Ohio, I can remember my parents telling me about riding that road in the early 1900s.

    About twenty years ago, my wife acquired a watercolor painting of a BC&Z scene (by an Alberta Hatmaker of Frederick, Maryland who told her that she had copied the painting from an old photograph she found at a relatives’ home in Little Washington, Ohio). That 30″ x 20″ painting shows a engine numbered “52” at a stop labeled “Unity Rail Station”.The engine bears the name “Powhatan Arrow.” A small residential and business community is depicted in the background.

    My wife has decided that she would like to donate that painting to the community depicted in the painting, so that the painting will finally rest where it truly belongs. Can you help us on this matter?

  4. dawn brookover says:

    I am patsy sparks aunt and was wondering if you would donate a copy of landons storys to patsys family, would be so appreciated, or maybe at a discounted price, we would love to have a copy, ty

  5. Christina says:

    Hi Roger Pickenpaugh
    My name is Christina jensen and I am trying to find the Pickenpaugh family ancestor book and was told by my mother Sheva Pickenpaugh to ask you I need two copies and would like to know how I go about getting them
    Thank you

  6. Diana VanHorn says:

    My father, Arnold VanHorn, saw your article in the crossroads magazine about the book written by Ken Williams titled “rustic reflections some folksy stories”. Do you know where we can buy a copy of this book? Thank you very much for your help.

    Diana VanHorn

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